Where decluttering meets Feng Shui


I recently met a fascinating man with an amazing life story. He has just moved back to the UK and wants to spread the word about the ancient art of Feng Shui. Here is a guest post by John Groeneveld. If you want to hear more and are in the Manchester area, you can attend a free talk at Haigh Lea Therapy Rooms on Thursday 3rd July at 6:30pm.

Where Decluttering meets Feng Shui

From the perspective of the ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui, decluttering is an essential process. Feng Shui is concerned with having a beneficial and healthy circulation of energy in the home or the workplace. The energy we are talking about was called Chi by the Chinese. Chi is universal subtle energy, and it has different cycles, and different ways of moving and manifesting. Wherever there is some form of energy that we have named, whether electrical, magnetic, kinetic, or chemical, there is Chi. Chi also pervades physical objects, and when objects accumulate and remain fixed in position for long periods, the energy they hold also becomes stale and stagnant. This clutter obstructs the flow of fresh energy through the space it occupies or encloses. The nooks and crannies created by it become little energetic dead zones. This kind of unmoving energy becomes “Yin”, stale, dead, as opposed to “Yang”, moving or alive. When Chi becomes blocked then
your luck can become stuck too, and it’s difficult for new opportunities to get a look in.

Another aspect of clutter is that it takes up “head space”. Everything we own is an object of our awareness, whether consciously or in the background. We invest a part of ourselves in everything we own; part of “Me” gets entangled with what is “mine”. That’s why people get enraged when their cars get dented, as if part of their person had been injured. When we declutter, we free up all the mental energy that was entangled with that stuff, and our minds feel better aired: less stuffy. We feel lighter, relieved of a burden. That energy can be used for newer fresher pursuits. So what looks like a purely physical process has a positive knock-on effect on our energy and on our mental state.

If you want to go further than decluttering and into Feng Shui “proper”, there are more levels to discover. Feng Shui is about selecting an environment that works for you and then manipulating the energy within that space in order to bring you success, i.e. good fortune. It can manifest career opportunities, financial success, better health, new or better relationships, and more. It is or was understood in most esoteric traditions that your specific energetic configuration interacts with those in your natural and built environment, and also with planetary and temporal aspects to form certain potentials. Feng Shui works to suppress the negative potentials and manifest the good ones. These then manifest concrete results in your life. “As above ( i.e. invisible and potential) so below (i.e. visible and experienced in form or “reality”)”

Everything is interdependent.



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