Just how many thongs does a girl need?

Thongs, midis, bikinis, midis, big knickers, magic knickers – they all have the same thing in common – they’re knickers and they are all small enough not to take up too much room in your knicker drawer. But that’s not to say they shouldn’t have the same decluttering rules applied to them as everything else in the home.

In your knicker drawer there will be knickers you bought in the nineties (I can guarantee it!), grey ones, ones that have run in the wash, ones with fraying elastic, ones that are a size 10 when you are squeezing into a 14 (just in case), ones you bought just for that naughty weekend away that have never seen the light of day since, ones that are just not going to cut it on the school run, ones that your husband bought you (say no more), ones that your nan bought you, ones that are just too pretty to throw away, ones that are just too expensive to throw away and just lots and lots of the same plain white sensible ones.

But how many knickers does a girl need? Just follow the same rules of decluttering that you would for anything else. Do you use them? Have you used them in the last two weeks? If not, chances are, you’re not going to in the next two weeks or the ones after that. Do you need them? Are they for a specific occasion eg. to go with a certain outfit, for use when you are exercising etc. If so, they are needed and should stay. Do you love them? If they make you smile, then they are loved and should have pride of ┬áplace in your drawer.

I’ve used knickers as an example but this is about anything that’s small enough to ignore. It could be ties, socks, cards, jewelry, pens. Go on, be ruthless. You know you want to!