A dragon loves The Clutter Fairy!

Last Sunday was a very lazy day after a heavy 50th birthday party on Saturday night – say no more. One of those comatose days catching up with Saturday night’s X factor, Xtra factor and Big Brother and not much else. At about 5 o’clock I briefly moved off the sofa to check my Twitter and saw lots of posts about #sbs. Now, for those of you not too familiar with Twitter, every Sunday Theo Paphitis from Dragon’s Den runs a competition where small businesses all over the country can tweet him with a quick summary of their business. Out of the hundreds of entries he gets he chooses 6 as his winners. So, I tweeted him with

@TheoPaphitis If you ‘re overwhelmed by ‘stuff’ in your home, The Clutter Fairy helps emotionally and practically turn chaos to calm #sbs

and – guess what – I won!! Theo Paphitis retweeted my business tweet to all of his 175,000 people and lots of those 175,000 people saw it. At the time I won I was back on the sofa watching Sunday night’s X factor when my phone started going mad with tweets, emails and texts from well wishers. I had to leave Louis Walsh (not a bad thing – what was he thinking?) and start tweeting. Well, what an amazing evening! To get so many people congratulating me on my win, being so hugely complimentary about the service I offer and raving about my website was a real boost. But more than anything, to have someone like Theo Paphitis see the value and potential of  a small but ambitious business like mine was comforting and has given me the drive to take things to the next level.

I love the service I offer my clients and the huge impact it inevitably has on their lives. The difficulty I have is getting word out there to let people know that The Clutter Fairy and other businesses like it exist. So big thanks to @theopaphitis and tweeters everywhere for helping put decluttering on the map.