What’s the best home improvement you can make?



Ideal Home Show 2014

I had a really interesting day at the Ideal Home Show at Earls Court in London on Friday. I was delighted to be asked to be an expert declutterer in the Anglian Home Advice Centre. I chatted to lots of people about to embark on extensions, big interior design projects, new house builds and so on but over and over again people were admitting to having a real problem with clutter. So, as I looked around at the high tech storage solutions, beds that morph into home offices, furniture designs that promise to ‘ declutter in one step’ (with a cupboard – how does that work?!), I think I could challenge the big players at the show with my offering. A session with the Clutter Fairy is effective, straightforward, efficient and definitely cheaper than an extension!

In a decluttering project, storage and what form it needs to take should be investigated late. All too often I hear of people about to embark on a declutter who first pop off to IKEA to buy extra storage. Not necessary! Declutter first – identify what you are going to keep, gather like with like and then see if you have gaps in your storage. At that point you will know whether or not you need anything, whether it is utility or something more aesthetically appealing, what the dimensions should be and whether it needs to be divided into sections and so on.

Decluttering is a cathartic process – you will never be disappointed; you will always get a great result. Your rooms appear bigger, you have more space, you can find what you need, you save time searching for things you’ve lost, you save money not shopping for things you already have. Need I go on?

All too often, we spend vast amounts of money, time and effort trying to create the perfect space in which to live. Whether you want a storage box or an extra room, if you don’t clear your clutter it will never be enough. Maybe that perfect home is already there; it’s just buried knee deep in stuff you don’t need. So, give it a go, invest in the best home improvement you’ve ever made and allocate time to a declutter or go one step further and ask for expert help to guide you through the process. You know where we are!



Me at the Anglian Home Improvement Advice Centre