A real home versus a show home? What’s the declutterer’s take?

For me, The Clutter Fairy, the best advertisement and the inspiration for my business is my home. All my organising ideas come from what I have created in my own home, clients like to know how I live at home – what my home is like, what my family think of living with a self confessed neat freak, whether I am ever untidy etc so when I got the chance this week to use my home to advertise my business, I weighed up the pros and cons and decided to go with it. No problem, apart from a couple of cracks that need touching up on my landing and a shopping trip to replace a couple of decidedly greying IKEA towels for nice fluffy white ones, I’m good to go. But then, I started to think….what will the readers expect from a declutterer’s home?

I like to believe that my two greatest skills as The Clutter Fairy are my pragmatism and my vision. I’m not an advocate of what I call micro-organising. Once we have decluttered a client’s home and it’s time to reorganise it into a room that works for them, it’s practicality all the way. Alot of my clients have kids. When it is time to sort out the baby bottles and sippee cups, how are they ever going to stack probably 20 or more of them + the caps + the teats + the tops + the handles in a nice orderly manner? So. let’s get a box that they can be just thrown into straight from the dishwasher, the box looks neat in the cupboard, the client isn’t spending more time stacking the bottles than feeding the baby and everyone’s happy. The bottles have a designated space, they are easy to get to and put away and they look tidy.

So that’s just one example of how I work with my clients and that’s how my own home runs. My house is a home – a busy home with a 14 year old son who leaves everything where it lands, a 12 year old daughter who loves ‘stuff’ and clothes and isn’t too bad at tidying up and a 7 year old son who, by the time you’ve asked 20 times for something to be done, you may as well have done it yourself. Oh, and I have a husband who loves nothing more than never throwing anything away, piling up papers and hanging his coat over the bannister just to wind me up. So keeping my home orderly is as challenging for me as it is for everyone else but there is definitely a place for everything and when it needs to be or I want it to be everything is in its place.

My home is my passion and I have put alot of work into making it what I think is a beautiful home but it’s definitely not a show home. It’s a happy family home where I want my family and friends to feel welcome and comfortable.

But what will the readers of the article visualise from a Clutter Fairy’s home? Do I encourage a perception that I am a Bree Van De Kamp character, living in a perfect, micro-organised ┬áhome, cooking, baking and flower arranging or acknowledge the reality that I am a busy working mum with a constant flow in and out of ‘stuff’ that needs to be organised and tidied when all I want to do is flop down to watch X Factor?

I think I am just going to leave it be. As an organised space it works really well. Everyone knows where everything belongs and I have a happy home that I’m proud of. So for today, no shopping trip for non essentials and no leafing through Lifestyle magazines. It’s X Factor all the way!