No shopping for a year – could you do it?

no-shopping image

My two best friends like to shop. Looking great is part of what makes them tick, shopping for clothes has always been a pleasure for them and happens probably twice a month, sometimes more. With 6 teenage girls between them, there’s never a shopping trip too far away and they’ve always been more than happy to partake. My New Year’s Resolutions are the same old, same old but my two BFFs took the wind out of my sails this year by announcing they were going to go cold turkey and not buy a single item of clothing or shoes for a year, a whole year. Scary thought, eh?

As The Clutter Fairy, any kind of cutting down is interesting to me so they asked if I was interested in blogging about their journey so here it is. I’m going to see how they fair, see whether they love or loathe a more minimalist lifestyle, and see whether they buckle under the pressure. I thought (albeit briefly) about joining them but decided against it for my own reasons. I might even throw a few challenges their way, who knows!

What I’m interested in is the psychology – that is the core of decluttering. For many people I work with, ‘stuff’ fills a gap, it’s a comfort around them in the chaos of life and provides a temporary up in an otherwise down world. My job is to help them achieve their goals, guide them towards some clarity in their lives, demonstrate that the acquisition of things is just a temporary high and above all else show them that shopping to excess and living with too much stuff is a negative.

For my friends, clutter is not a problem. As soon as new stuff comes in, the old goes out. Their homes are orderly and work like clockwork. They have nice lives – fulfilled, privileged in some ways with happy marriages and lovely families so I’m interested to see what it is that is making them reevaluate their priorities and cut their excess.

I’m delighted they want to share their thoughts and am looking forward to sharing their first instalment with you.