How organised is your house? Take the test.

Studies suggest as a nation we waste up to thirty minutes a day looking for things, quite often frantically and turning the house upside down in the process. Does that ten minutes before the school run sound familiar?
The key to an organised home is knowing where everything is. It doesn’t matter what your style of living is, your belongings should be somewhere you can easily find them.

So how in control are you? Here’s a test to work it out.

See how long it takes you to find the following..
Your spare car keys, your birth certificate, a full PE kit for your child (if you have one), the sellotape, your February credit card statement, the charger for your digital camera.

If thirty minutes goes by and you’re still looking, you’ve got some steps to take if you want an organised home.

If you manage to find everything in fifteen minutes, you’re doing well but there is still time being wasted that you could be spending doing something much more enjoyable.

Under ten minutes and you are totally in control and efficient. Well done!

So, if you’re in the first two categories, what can you do to change?

Take ten minutes out a couple of times a day to get things back to their rightful places. In my house, I have a basket in my hall and anything that finds its way downstairs that shouldn’t be goes into the basket and the kids’ job is to empty it into the room it belongs in. That way, everything is where it should be. If it isn’t, there is a fair chance it will be in the basket. And finally, the kids have a good idea at least what room something should be in.

It’s that easy!! A place for everything and everything in its place.


2 thoughts on “How organised is your house? Take the test.

  1. Hi Clutter Fairy. Lovely encouraging blog as I sit in a home lived in for 25+ years with a paperwork ‘problem’ lack of space and reaching the point when I have to admit that action is needed! As you say 10.30 is too late to blog….


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